George Comfort, an engineer by degree, founded a small building management firm in 1919. His talent for and belief in sound building maintenance gained him an instant following with owners who profited from having a committed professional to operate their buildings. Following World War II, his son, George V. Comfort, expanded the firm's scope of business by forming creative partnerships for real estate investment.

Commercial Real Estate Since 1919.

As the business prospered, the list of institutional and private clients grew. They valued the integrity and competence of a firm that had thrived through many economic cycles. Shortly after his retirement, George V. Comfort passed away in early 2000 at the age of 86. His legacy included partnerships with Harry Helmsley, Larry Wien, Clifford Michel, Stanley Stahl, John Loeb, Joseph Cullman III, and David Baldwin.

Peter S. Duncan, who joined the firm in 1982, became President in 1995. Since then, the firm has added ten million square feet to its management portfolio, expanded investment and operations to Washington, DC and Beverly Hills, CA and Stamford, CT and created new partnerships with top global investors.


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